14.10 2011


sunrise , mountain , thinking

Finally! Welcome to my photo blog.

The first concept of this web was created a year ago, but I didn't have a
full vision of the website, therefore I postponed this project. For about a
year I wasn´t sure of the exact form (and neither am I so far), but then I
decided just to finish it. I was finalizing concept for two months and
especially the last month was full of intensive work on this site.

Usually it is better not to think things out and just do it. Without this
philosophy, this photo would not be created. Taken at sunrise at altitude of
1323 m above sea level. If I got frightened of each challenge, I wouldn´t
have visited Syria in the Middle East, Morocco in North Africa, I wouldn´t
have swum on 24th December in a frozen dam, I wouldn´t become a photographer
and this website would probably never be made. Thank you for visiting and I
wish you pleasant time on my web.

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