Wedding Vojta + Martina

wedding , blackandwhite , photoshoot

Wedding is one of a few situation, where is all family. At all, two different families are connected together forever. I am very lucky, I have been invited to the wedding of Vojta and Martina. I could enjoy all day, because professional photographer was paid. Unfortunately, I have taking photos in my blood. My finger was flirting with camera trigger all of the time. I am thinking, that moments I have taken by photography, are catching atmosphere very well.

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Royal Krakow

wawel , poland , blackandwhite , photoshoot

I was lucky to visit Poland's royal city Krakow. This city has own unique mood, including sellers of pretzels, bicycles on the roads and museums which store treasures. I have tried to responsibly catch this city through my camera and my heart.

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It is all about lighting. Drake, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake also know it.

light , blackandwhite , videoclip

And Jon Chu also know this very well, because he created game of light and dark at the end of Step Up 2. Final dance is really brilliant. Rain is falling on the dancers and lights from cars are shining through dark night. All crew is running up after sunset and dancer (Briana Evigan) is all wet.

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