Year 2011

9.1 2012

Drinking wine

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Now, a few days after new year, it is best time to evaluate a year work. Let's tell about how year 2011 was. With no bullshit!

Year 2011 was for me year of:

  • thinking - A lot of thinking and less doing.
  • adventure - To the Morocco by hitch-hike, sleeping on sand dunes, sunrise at mountains, a few days long bike trip, swimming in frozen dam and climb to 4165m high Jebel Toubkal.
  • soucial - Facebook, twitter, flick, googleplus, vimeo.
  • born - I Am photographer, jsem artist, jsem human.
  • hiding - Thousands photos stored on HDD, which has been seen only by me.
  • creativity - I can make whatever I want, everything I can imagine.
  • fear - Am I good enough?
  • finding style - What is my photography style? Must i have my unique style?
  • waiting - I did not make dreamed photo.
  • experience - I have taken for one year more photos, than for previous three.
  • learning - I found a new world, world of light. It is around us, but anyone can not see it.

What will be year 2012. I hope it will be all about challenge and improve.

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